Villa Purchase Options

Option 1

Our Standard Lease price entitles you to 75% of any Capital Gain in the value of your home.

Option 2

Our Discount Lease price will save you 10% of your purchase price. This may save you as much as $40,000 to $50,000 on the average purchase of a villa at EdenLea. The Discount Lease entitles you to 50% of any capital gain.

Purchase Costs

No deposit is required for your purchase at EdenLea. You retain all of your funds until you are ready to finalise your purchase and move in.
There are no amounts for you to pay for Stamp Duty. A charge of $2,343.50 is presently made to cover additional costs including titles office registration fees, villa survey costs, and legal fees, among others.

Monthly Contributions

Your monthly contribution is $645 for the year to June 2024. All of this charge is used to provide services to village residents including in general terms, our village bus, emergency call service, council charges, insurance on village buildings, as well as most of the maintenance of those buildings including repairs and external painting, and the gardening of village common areas including residents’ front gardens.
Please CLICK HERE on ‘Village maintenance items’ to see details of what is paid for.

Other Ongoing Costs

You will be responsible for contents insurance, some internal maintenance of your villa, rear garden maintenance, and the costs of keeping a landline telephone service etc.

Exit Fees

When you eventually sell your villa an exit fee will be charged against its value. The Village Owner uses this fee to cover, among other items, the cost of replacing equipment and infrastructure such as the village bus, some staff subsidies, and the costs of developing and continually improving EdenLea.
The minimum amount of the exit fee is 5% of the resale price. 3% is then accrued from year one through to year ten. If you leave EdenLea part of the way through the year you will only be charged for part of that year’s fee.

Reinstatement Costs

When you move into EdenLea your home will be freshly painted, cleaned, and have new carpets. When you sell your villa at EdenLea we will share with you the costs of reinstating the villa to the same standard.

The Village Owner

EdenLea Retirement Village Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated company. EdenLea’s Owners have been developing and operating retirement villages on the Sunshine Coast for more than forty-five (45) years.

EdenLea’s parent company is free of debt and has been that way since its inception. You can be confident you will be investing in a quality development and secure in the knowledge that both your well-being and new home will be well looked after.

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